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Seychelles cruises invites you to discover  the magic places of the islands Ikaria and Fourni.
Combine luxury and action and turn your vacation into an unforgettable experience.

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Discover the deep blue waters of Ikaria island, explore gorgeous bays with beautiful beaches, take a splash in the ocean or simply sleep in!

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Explore the most beautiful places, sheltered coves and beautiful beaches while sailing the crystal waters of the Aegean sea.


What you get

  • Bathroom
    3 bathrooms contained
  • Music and TV
    Music of your choise and tv with DVD player
  • Cabins
    4 guests cabins
  • Living room
    2 living rooms with leather sofas
  • Air conditioning
    Sometimes needed
  • 3 meals per day
    We offer 3 meals, depend of the booking
  • Kitchen
    electric cooker, microwave, fridge, extractor and dishwasher
  • Safe for storage
    Get tour stuff safe

Details for

Our Yacht

The boat is a luxury Italian  Ferretti yacht, which has an overall length of 64ft (20 meters), wide of 5 meters and a total capacity of 49 people. It contains two Detroit (550Hp x 2) engines, which allows it to attach a service speed of 21 miles per hour with a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour. It also has silent closed generators (16 KW), an inflatable boat of 3.30 meters length with a 10hp outboard engine for servicing passengers, a rear hydraulic ladder, electric windlasses in front and back of it for dropping and hoisting the anchor, hydraulic flaps and Bow Thruster (front propeller) for better maneuvers and excellent handling of the navigation. Furthermore, the vessel has 2 GPS, VHF, automatic radars, autopilot, a sonar and all electronic and safety equipment needed for a safe cruise.